5 Steps to Better Baby Sleep

Ever wished you could wave a magic wand and voila, baby is sleeping soundly? What mother hasn’t?

We don’t have a magic wand but we do have some tips to Better Baby Sleep thanks to our guest blogger Alison Gregory from Newborn Solutions. Read on for Alison’s 5 Steps to Better Baby Sleep and you’ll be surprised, they don’t involve the SHHH, Swing, Snuggle technique but I’m sure they will help your little one sleep more soundly.

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Babies and toddlers are tactile little beings. They love the softness of a gentle touch but more than that they have a heightened sense of touch, due to the fine covering of hair, baby sleeping, newborn sleeping stepsover their entire body. Sometimes we underestimate the value of nude time. If you watch a semi-nude baby wiggle and squirm on a soft rug, you can see them sensory processing, as they enjoy the gentle massage they get, every time they move. As a baby gets tired and begins to fall asleep, they turn their head from side to side. Having something soft and breathable for your baby to sleep on, can assist them to self-settle, as they feel the gentle massage they create with this motion. From 6-12 months and beyond, this same rug can become your little one’s comforter and sleep association tool.


Your baby is comforted by familiar smells. They actually enjoy the smell of themselves as well those who are a regular part of their life. We can use this knowledge to our advantage, as we use a wrap or sleeping bag for repetitive sleeps to create consistency and assurance. Unfortunately this can mean they associate certain smells with certain tasks e.gbreastfeeding mother with a milk smell. This can make settling for those mums at times, difficult without feeding, due to them smelling like a 5-star restaurant. This is where Dads can often settle the baby quicker than mum overnight. Or if that isn’t feasible, ladies put on your partner’s dirty shirt to mask the oestrogen smell and replace it with testosterone.

Settling Techniques

Newborn sleeping techniques

1. Keep it simple – don’t start with your best settling tools, but instead work up to them as needed.
2. Sleep aids like dummies, white noise, motion to sleep, holding to sleep etc. can be the common cause of sleep regression.
3. By putting them to bed awake (but tired) sometimes allows them to learn self-settling.
4. Be Calm, Confident and Consistent with your settling technique.


They are sensitive little people. They can escalate in cry at the smallest of problems. We just need to be careful not to inhibit them from trying to solve their own problem from time to time.

Example: when you see them in their crib whinging, pulling their legs up, they are trying to pass gas or a bowel motion. Avoid picking them up straight away or trying to solve the issue. Observe from a distance first and then try and settle them without picking them up (e.g tummy pressure and massage).

Structure & routine

Babies/toddlers thrive on structure because they like to know what’s coming next. It creates patterns in your little one’s body clock.Sleeping Baby Techniques, how to help your baby sleep better
There are generic routines in a number of different books, but I recommend you observe your child more than you take advice from a wall clock. Learn your little one’s body language, by that I mean their genuine request for food, their tired signs, whether they have a wet or dirty nappy, lonely or bored signals, and they need your attention.

Here’s what one Mum said about Alison’s sleeping solutions

The information and advice Alison from Newborn Solutions provided was magic.My Miss M slept through on night 3! We were rocking, bouncing, shhing, and feeding to sleep up to 6 times per night. Her day naps were also inconsistent lasting 20-40 minutes, but now she has 3 great day sleeps one of those being 2-3 hours long. I find myself with so much extra time and refreshed with her consistently sleeping through the night. I highly recommend Alison. Cathy (Brisbane)

This article was written by Alison Gregory (Endorsed Midwife, Parenting Educator, Owner & Director of Newborn Solutions.
 Newborn Sleep Solutions, Newborn and Toddler Sleep Techniques

As an endorsed Midwife and Parenting Educator Alison has helped 1000’s of parents to extend their little ones day naps and sleep through the night. Alison has been studying, what helps babies sleep for more than 15 years.

Newborn Solutions can make a personalised settling regime for you to follow, to assist you to get the sleep results you want.If you would like your little one to feed, play and sleep well so you can enjoy parenting with a confident plan, Newborn Solutions would love to help.

We assist families from 0-18 months and siblings up to 5 years. Visit their website to arrange an obligation free phone call.

3 thoughts on “5 Steps to Better Baby Sleep

  1. As one reader asked… “what does it mean have them sleep on a rug? And what sort of rug?”

    Alison will answer this question in case anyone else has the same query…

  2. In the cooler months, you can use a short fibre fleece blanket on the bottom layer (this is tucked in as their fitted blanket) on their cot, bassinet or sleeping bed of choice. I love the fabric used on Lyn’s Label change mat.
    In the warmer months you want a breathable fabric like bamboo or a cost affective choice is cotton/cheese cloth that becomes softer the more it has been washed.

  3. Adding to Alison’s comment, our pure bamboo jersey swaddles are stretchy so could be used on the cot mattress, bassinet or bed. They are so soft and breathable – just perfect for this application.

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