Caring for our Environment

At Lyn’s Label, we are conscious of using natural fibers.  That is why we use 100% cotton Chenille and 100% Bamboo Jersey.
Bamboo plants are the fastest growing woody plants, and one of the most sustainable and renewable resources in the world.  Bamboo requires no pesticides or chemicals to grow and does not use excessive water.

However, we also know that sometimes, man made products can provide the best solution for our customers.  Our Reversible Nappy Change Bag is not made from animals rather, it is made from water based polyurethane which is of course animal friendly as well as environmentally friendly.  It contains no formaldehyde and is heavy metal & phthalate free.


To ensure our Reversible Nappy Change Bag leaves the smallest possible footprint on the environment, several steps have been taken to ensure an Eco-friendly production process of this unique material. The manufacturing facility is equipped with state of the art technology that efficiently makes use of natural resources and almost completely eliminates emissions complying with the most stringent international standards. In addition, due to its exceptional life expectancy, the fabric reduces the need for constant replacement extending the products potential life cycle. When the time does finally come, there are opportunities for polyurethane to be converted into other useful commodities.