Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered below, please contact us by completing the Contact Us form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Q1: Can I have my products gift wrapped?
A1: Yes is the short answer. Although our products are beautifully presented we also offer complimentary gift wrapping with a greeting card and personal note (optional). All you need to do is let us know in your order notes at checkout.

Q2: Can I purchase Lyn’s Label Organic Baby products from Retail Outlets?
A2: Yes. Lyn’s Label Organic Baby Products are stocked in almost 30 boutiques throughout Australia and New Zealand. You can see which shops by visiting our Stockists page from the Shop menu or by clicking here

Q3: Does the Chenille Changing Mattress come with a cover and insert?
A3: Yes it does. The Chenille Changing Mattress comes with a water repellent padded insert plus two Chenille Covers of your choice in either vanilla or white. Additional Chenille Covers can be purchased separately.

Q4: I purchased a Chenille Changing Mattress and the fabric seems to have gone a little hard or scratchy
A4: This is due to the chemicals in the washing detergents we use.  To restore the softness of the Cotton Chenille you can:
– add fabric softener (or vinegar as a natural alternative) to your wash
– dry the cover in the machine dryer
– soak overnight in fabric softener

Q5: Can I purchase a custom Lyn’s Label Organic Baby key chain separately?
A5: Our signature key chains are gifted with each purchase of a Reversible Nappy Change Bag, they are not available for separate purchase. However, we know accidents happen and our precious items can be lost. We will therefore replace your key chain, without charge, if you lose it. Simply complete the Contact Us form

Q6: Are the Reversible Nappy Change Bags made in a factory?
A6: Each of our Reversible Nappy Change Bags are individually made.  They are not made in a factory and for this reason, there may be slight differences with each bag.

Q7: I am having trouble zipping my Reversible Nappy Change Bag, is there a trick?
A7: No tricks are needed to use the Reversible Nappy Change Bag.  In fact, it is quite simple. Just imagine zipping up a parker or coat – you slide the zipper ends into one another, align the bottom, then hold both ends together and pull the slider – the same way that you would zip up your jacket.

Q8: What if I made a mistake with my purchase and want to cancel it straight away?
A8: Everyone makes mistakes and if you would like to cancel your order immediately after placing it, please complete the Contact Us form with your full name and purchase details. If you contact us within 30min of making the purchase an immediate cancellation can be performed. If your cancellation is more than 30min after the purchase, but it has not yet been fulfilled, it might take a couple of days. Either way, we will respond to your request and work with you.