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Kirsten Simmons

Reversible Nappy Change Bag & Chenille Baby Changing Mattress

I have used the changing mattress set for both my boys. It is so soft and versatile, it goes everywhere. I even put it in the supermarket trolley seat for kids so they had something soft to sit on. I used it for tummy time and as a bath mat for when I got them straight out of the bath. It always washes well and comes up like new. Highly recommend it.

My boys are too old for nappy bags now but I use this bag everywhere. I take it to the pool for swimming training, it's so easy to get goggles out of and caps. I just unzip the whole thing and everything is easily found. Likewise when the boys have finished its great for those damp pool clothes. Every time I take it someone asks me where I got it. It is fantastic.

North Lakes 4509

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